Saturday, December 11, 2010 Project is a go!

I figure I'd do more good with $50 worth of yarn (though I've spent less than that so far) than if I just made a $50 donation, so I asked the NTAFund people what colors I should use and they recommended the red, green and blue of their website. So I went out and bought yarn. I have two sets each of these:

NTA Fund - dark blue/green/red

NTA Fund - bright blue/pink/green

And I have this medium shade of red:

NTA Fund - medium red

...and it is red, though the flash makes it look orangey. I couldn't find blue and green in the same intensity so I'm off to the Caron website in the hope that they make the right colors in Simply Soft.

Time to get to work! I'll make both ruffled and flat scarves. Since they're for a good cause the ruffled scarves will be $30 and the flat ones will be $15.

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