Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just got a huge commission! :D

Got a request for a colorful king-size comforter. He gave me a list of colors:
  • purple
  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • yellow
  • orange
  • black
  • hot pink

He didn't want one huge square so I thought about a bunch of squares (either that or a huge striped blanket, I thought squares would be easier to work on at the booth and it'd look better) and spent the rest of the day thinking of colors and doing the math. A five-round square with two colors would be 10" across, so I'd do squares going through the colors and I came up with eight sets:

-Square A-
Round 1: Purple/Purple
Round 2: Purple/Red
Round 3: Red/Red
Round 4: Red/Blue
Round 5: Blue/Blue

-Square B-
Round 1: Red/Red
Round 2: Red/Blue
Round 3: Blue/Blue
Round 4: Blue/Green
Round 5: Green/Green

-Square C-
Round 1: Blue/Blue
Round 2: Blue/Green
Round 3: Green/Green
Round 4: Green/Yellow
Round 5: Yellow/Yellow

-Square D-
Round 1: Green/Green
Round 2: Green/Yellow
Round 3: Yellow/Yellow
Round 4: Yellow/Orange
Round 5: Orange/Orange

-Square E-
Round 1: Yellow/Yellow
Round 2: Yellow/Orange
Round 3: Orange/Orange
Round 4: Orange/Black
Round 5: Black/Black

-Square F-
Round 1: Orange/Orange
Round 2: Orange/Black
Round 3: Black/Black
Round 4: Black/Hot Pink
Round 5: Hot Pink/Hot Pink

-Square G-
Round 1: Black/Black
Round 2: Black/Hot Pink
Round 3: Hot Pink/Hot Pink
Round 4: Hot Pink/Purple
Round 5: Purple/Purple

-Square H-
Round 1: Hot Pink/Hot Pink
Round 2: Hot Pink/Purple
Round 3: Purple/Purple
Round 4: Purple/Red
Round 5: Red/Red

And black hdc borders around each square.


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