Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Knifty Hat: Another One :)

Same Marble yarn as the Marble Beanie, but this time most of it is two-over-two instead of one-over one. I made a mistake towards the last...ten or fifteen rows, I think...and had to go one-over-one after that. It's another Big Hat like the Silly Hat, but I like it because the weather doesn't dictate whether or not I can wear a ponytail (because regular sized snow beanies are snug on me, especially when I have my hair up). If anyone else wants one, I have a variety of yarns (just check the Yarn Stash tag) and get back to me, and if it's not for another project I'll get started immediately. Otherwise, I'll get more of that yarn and start as soon as I get home. :)




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