Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blue and White Ruffle Scarf

So soft. This one was made with pale blue Caron SimplySoft yarn and white baby yarn.

This scarf, and all the other ruffle scarves, are made this way:

chain 143. Start dc-ing on the 4th ch from hook. dc all the way down the line, [dc2, ch2, dc2] on the last loop and then dc down the other side. Cap the other end the same way and slip stitch to make the rectangle. Then double treble crochet three times in each dc all the way down, [dc2, ch2, dc2] in the corner, 1 dtc in each dc on the skinny side, then [dc2, ch2, dc2], then dtc 3 times in each dc all the way around, capping the same way at the other end and finishing off and tucking in the ends.




It's sooooft.



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