Friday, January 21, 2011

Beanie Kick, Continued.

The color scheme of this first one is my favorite. This one is more kid-sized, but if I have enough white Hometown USA yarn, I might make myself one.


This one was going to be for Fizzy, in Collingwood Magpies colors, but it came out rather too long, so I'm gonna make her another this one. This one'll wind up in the shop. :)


This one was just for fun. I really like working with the Hometown USA yarn, whether crochet or Knifty Knitter--one of these days I'll make something with it in real knitting.


One of my first beanies. Not bad, eh?


This one I made long before I got either set of Knifty Knitter circles (just yesterday I got the "perfect for adult hats" ring loom, because of course they wouldn't sell it separately!), because I have so much Hometown USA yarn after taking apart Blankiezilla, since I'm making her a more reasonably sized Tetris blanket out of Caron SimplySoft.


Hope you liked! :)

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