Friday, March 11, 2011

Still alive.

Just last night I was able to have computer and internet working at the same time for the first time since early February. I charge my camera by USB-ing it to my computer, so it's being raised from the dead as I type this. I've made a bunch of stuff and organized most of my yarn in the meantime, and I do hope to have months' worth of pictures (in posting-every-day terms) once I've got everything photographed.

I got back into scrapbooking recently because I didn't seem to be making anything but hats and scarves (and it's finally coming into spring here in New York where the manchild and I are currently stationed), so while maybe I can sell those to my Aussie friends, I do need more summery things to sell locally, and now that I can access Ravelry and sites like it, I can go for ideas.

I have taken a crack at summery shawls (mixed success) and bags (eh...but I'll keep trying), but I want other stuff to do, some idea that I can do my way so that it becomes a unique design like my ruffle scarves and even the scrunchies.

Happy crafting, and I'll take pics of the new scrapbook journal pages too!

And for anyone who's interested, the old scrapbooking pages are at :)

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