Friday, April 1, 2011

More hats from the Knifty Knitter. :)

I have a LOT of Lion Bran Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in blue, black and gray because back in the fall of '07, when Chris and I had first moved to Alaska, I made him a blanket as something to do to keep my hands busy. It turned out way too big and very heavy, and shortly before the move to New York, I took it apart so I could use that thick yarn, just right for my P hook (not N like I said in the last two posts, sorry!) and, clearly, the Knifty Knitters I've gotten since we got here. :)

While I was taking the blanket apart and rolling the yarn, I got to greet Fizzy with "my desk is overrun with balls." I just had to, yanno? I can be so twelve sometimes. :P

This one below isn't wool, it's Sensations...something or other, and I doubled up on the yarn to make the hat thicker. It's very comfortable, though I've only tried it on a couple of times since I intend to sell it.

More wool hats coming this way. :)

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