Friday, October 1, 2010

Cute Little Change Purse.

This used...I think it's wool yarn; it was part of Eurynome's gift, and a 6.5mm hook. I chained 13, then single-crocheted around both sides, adding chains for width at the ends, and then just went in rounds until I had the depth I wanted.

change purse 3

Inside. :)

change purse 2

Finished product. A few full rounds past where it was above, and then a few rows (I didn't count, it was freehand--I love stuff that's simple enough to do freehand!) for the flap, the last of those rows having 2 dc, ch 1, dc in the second sc, and dc again and sc the rest of it and tie off. That gap is the button hole...I don't have any buttons at the moment but I'll get some the next time I go shopping. I think these (and I'll refine the pattern 'cause I don't really like how the flap came out) would be nice for the shop.


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