Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fuzzy Purse ^_^

I actually made all the parts a few years ago, when my husband was in boot camp/AIT and I was in Florida staying with my mom in the meantime. Back then I had made the straps (there are two, folded over) to go through some plastic rings in similar colors and have the top of the bag sit at about my waist or hip...and it looked ridiculous and amateur. While I don't claim that this project looks professional, it looks a far cry less amateur than it did originally.




I'm also proud of this picture and the cropping. I think I'm finally getting better!


I think that having the four straps not tied together in any way would make it comfortable to carry if there were heavy things in the bag (it worked well for me anyhow), though once I'd already tied the straps down and cut off the fringe I thought damn, should'a done a four-piece braid.

What do you think?

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