Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Green and Yellow Drawstring Bag

Another drawstring bag along the basic lines of the other drawstring bags (Ya, I'm on a bit of a easy cute things kick), except this one has rows of fillet crochet and it alternates between green and blue Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn (seriously, I want a commission :P), and the bottom is a square. It was originally going to be a macrame-type container for an origami box made from not-quite-cardstock scrapbooking paper.

I love projects that can be made using the gray hook, the kind that sometimes comes with a bigger blue hook. I'm not sure what letter it is.

green and yellow bag 2

green and yellow bag 1

green and yellow bag 3

What do you think, should I add a gauzy (white, probably) fabric to line the inside so it's better able to hold small things like coins that fall to the bottom of one's bag?

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