Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Gift of Yarn. :D

My friend eurynome1967 over at LiveJournal said she had a bunch of leftover yarn and offered to send it to me, and since I never turn down free yarn, I sent her my address. What I got is pictured below, and...

Dude. I knew she was sending me some old yarn she wasn't using, but the absolute treasure trove that was sent...WOW.


I'm looking forward to using it all, but I hardly knew where to start! (That was solved rather quickly, and you'll see the result the day after tomorrow. ^_^)


And here come the close-ups:


This bunch makes me wish I had the patience for tiny crochet needles, tiny yarns, and intricate patterns.


These two are my favorites. XD


Mohair yarn. Really! I've rolled it into neat balls since then, and put it in a plastic bag before I added it to the other yarn. All the yarn with wool in it is in plastic bags too, because I don't want to set off anyone's allergies. (This reminds me, I should do a post about my workspace. I hope you won't think too badly of my cluttered "workroom.")


*squees some more about lots of free yarn, nearly all of it in quantities to make full projects!*


And bulky yarn! Something you can never have too much of. :D


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