Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mommy Blanket Update

It's getting bigger! Now that I've got the hang of it, it's really quick and easy, and the yarn is very soft and easy to work with. It was kind of pricey, though, but (a) this is for my mommy, for whom no yarn is too good, and (b) I asked her what material she wanted and she said cotton, and cotton yarn is mad expensive these days.

mommy blanket so far

Close-up...with strings in the way. Nice photography, self. :P

close-up of mommy blanket

My balls. I mean, what's left of the first skeins of yarn for making my mommy's blanket. Must wait until payday to get more...or sell a scrapbook journal or some hairties over at Etsy. (That was meant as a minor plug, not hawking.)

brown, orange and beige yarn for mommy blanket

I was into scrapbook journaling before I got back into crochet, and I've been using binder clips to keep projects I'm in the middle of--or in this case, colors I'm not working at the moment--from unraveling. I like it better than a stitch-counter type thing because it's not going to loosen because the closest bit of yarn that you'd be working on next is held fast by the clip. :)

binder clips for mommy blanket

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