Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cozy Classic Pullover

Pattern here at Lion Brand Yarn. I'm using their Homespun yarn for this project, as they suggested. (I hope that this project, like the Olive Scarf, turns out great at the end despite looking kinda iffy at the beginning.)

I just wish that I could use this pattern for commercial purposes, 'cause this pattern is as easy as they say it is. :)

sweater, 2010.08.17

I also blocked out on graph paper the basic measurements:

basic pattern

The bigger one, one square is 2" square, the smaller one, one square is 3" square. I blocked it out that way (and adjusted the measurements from what Lion Brand had) so it'd be multiples of whichever number I needed. This way I can try making sweaters in that shape using squares or even cloth. It's a style I like, and I'm a short person with short arms, so this'll be the beginning of me making my own clothes that are custom-made to fit my hard-to-fit self! :D

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