Sunday, August 22, 2010

Silly Hat! ;P

That would be the hat from the other day. I used leftover Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn from the Fizzy Blanket (aka Blankiezilla)...and it came out just a bit too big. ;)

The hat:

silly hat

And me wearing the silly hat. On the bright side, it's really warm, and the extra size means I can have a ponytail or messy-bun and I don't have to redo my hair (in addition to thermals, jeans, etc., that it takes to go outside when you're a Floridian in a place where it snows) just to go outside.

And since most of the yarn comes from Blankiezilla, it's like having a little bit of Fizzy with me. *is a tooootal sap*

me in silly hat

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