Friday, August 20, 2010

Plastic Crochet

This is a short bit I made before going whole-hog just to make sure I could do it. It takes more strength than using regular yarn, and I'd have to rest my hands more often, but it's totally do-able. :D

crochet plastic 01

And this is how it starts: cut up strips of plastic bags (these are from Wally World, I'll do balls of every color I have--the green Barnes & Noble bags should make nice accents), twist them, knot them. I didn't cut off the extra "yarn" because I thought it'd be a nice accent for...whatever I wind up making.

crochet plastic 02

I'm also making this hat that I found via Ravelry, out of yarn left over from Fizzy's Blankiezilla and from yarn of the same kind (Lion Brand Hometown USA, and there are more colors now! Go out and buy it and make Lion Brand keep stocking it! If you crochet you'll need a K hook. That's usually the gray plastic one.) from another project that never really got started.

I haven't done more on the Book Paring Down Of Doom since my last post, but I do intend to finish it. But even if I keep everything that's currently left, I'll still have made a huge dent. :)

ETA: You can see the Waldo Hat in the corner of that second pic!

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